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Since 1993, SOLVE's Project Oregon has been supporting Oregonians in organizing impactful volunteer projects throughout our state that engage volunteers in restoration and cleanup efforts. Projects begin with your vision and take place in your community.

As with all SOLVE programs, Project Oregon supports projects that include litter abatement, the removal of invasive plant species, the planting of native plants, and/or the maintenance of such plantings.

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Make your mark this January for MLK Day!

Projects can be led anytime of year, and SOLVE is currently doing a special call for leaders to host a project in honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr on January 16th.  MLK Day is the perfect time to step forward and take charge of caring for your community. Your project can help connect local volunteers through service, both to each other and the area they live, while improving our natural areas and neighborhoods! Contact us today for more details or use the link above to apply to lead your project.

Planning Assistance

SOLVE provides active staff assistance, help with planning, organizing, recruiting volunteers and recognition. We help new projects get started and help existing volunteer efforts become stronger. A comprehensive Volunteer Leader Handbook is provided to each coordinator. Lesson plans and project planning guides are available to students and teachers organizing service-learning projects

Project Materials

SOLVE provides free litter bags, signage for projects, vinyl gloves, safety vests, first aid kits and hazardous waste containers.

Small Grants

When available, SOLVE provides small grants (up to $100) for on-the-ground project expenses such as disposal fees, supplies, equipment rental, work gloves, plants and planting supplies and recycling and trash receptacles. Small grant information and restrictions.

Featured Project: Ma Olsen's Garden Annex

Rob Lee is the unassuming guy behind the slope side restoration project called Ma Olsen's Garden Annex. This SOLVE event site, located off busy Route 30 running through Linnton, is Rob's neck of the woods. It's easy to tell just how meaningful this area is to Rob as he describes the work he and other volunteers have diligently accomplished there. For the better part of a decade, Rob has lead the transformation from a seemingly impenetrable tangle of invasive plants and downed trees to an open hillside where dappled sunlight alights upon snowberry, Pacific trailing blackberry, and Oregon grape lined trails. As improved as the site is, Rob assures there's still plenty of work to be done in removing lingering English ivy and replacing it with lush native plants and shrubs. Come work with Rob to learn the art of "ivy rolling" and be enthralled with stories of the Linnton of old.  Learn more about this amazing effort!


Oregon's Tsunami Debris Response

Oregon's beaches need your help year-round!  SOLVE volunteers are the best at cleaning our beaches during the big annual Spring Oregon Beach and Beach & Riverside Cleanup days but litter and marine debris keep impacting the coast the rest the year as well.  Marine debris resulting from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami will continue to wash ashore for many years to come.  During the winter, storms and king tides bring in tons of debris and a continuous effort is needed to maintain clean and healthy beaches.  Concerned by the amount of debris you encountered on your trip to the beach?  Sign up above as a Project Oregon project leader and SOLVE will help you organize a beach cleanup!  

Learn more about what to do when you see marine or tsunami debris.   




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